Updated: 09 Sep 2020

Ham Rong Mountain, situated in the center of Sapa town, is a impressive tourist attraction. According to Legend, once upon a time there were a couple of dragons so mad in love that while a biblical flood was rising but they didn't know. When they awoke, it was too late for them to escape from the flood so they were washed away separately. Even now, turned into stone, but due to be natural instinct, the female (Ham Rong Mountain) always looks toward her lover in the west (the Hoang Lien Son mountain range).

Shaped like a dragon’s head in the clouds, Ham Rong Mountain is approximately  2000 meters high with green trees and colorful flowers almost all year round. Most tourists in Vietnam travel  visiting Sapa do the exciting climb up to the mountain. The path leading up to Ham Rong Mountain consists of many stone steps and a winding trail higher up will help to see small streams lazily run through bushy foliages. About mid­way, travelers will find themselves in an orchid -garden with over 400 species of colorful blooms. Standing on the highest point of Ham Rong Mountain, tourists will have a breathtaking view over the romantic Sapa town.

If visitors in Vietnam tourism come here in spring, the surprise will be greater to see blooming peach, plum and apricot garden. At midway upwards, there are ethnic cutural villages where visitors will enjoy art-performance by Dao, Mong or Sa Pho young locals.

The sound of bamboo flutes by Mong minority boys echo far and wide, their dances, songs, folksongs sound strong and romantic that will leave unforgettable impressions. A little further more will be a mini stone-forest where thousands of stone columns, pillars that surprisingly open visitors’ eyes.

A stroll among these pillars seems to be a walk in the fairyland, thentourists proceed to the heavens gate, a beaten trail leads to the cloud-yard and a TV station. San May (Cloud Yard) is an ideal location to view the whole panorama of Sapa.

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